Dr. Michael Stephens to Speak at Library's First Fundraising Gala

Built for People: The Heart of Libraries

Public libraries continue to evolve as the needs of the people they serve change as well. Eric Klinenberg, author of “Palaces of the People,” defines Social infrastructure as a set of physical places and organizations that shape our interactions.

During the September 12th fundraising gala for the Library improvement project, special guest Dr. Michael Stephens will share ways public libraries are weaving services and opportunities into the social fabric of their communities. “From learning of all kinds to opportunities to engage around books, media and technology, we will see just what is possible as a library grows,” says Dr. Stephens.

Dr. Stephens is Associate Professor at San Jose State University School of Information and a resident of Milton Township. His teaching and research areas include emerging technologies, learning and libraries, and innovation in the library setting. He is the author of two books of collected writings: The Heart of Librarianship (2016) and Wholehearted Librarianship (2019). Dr. Stephens is a widely sought library consultant and speaker traveling to places like Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Germany.

It Takes a Village gala tickets are available at the Library or online.

Preview of Dr. Stephen's presentation.

Gera Witte